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There are plenty of fresh fruits blooming at Coast Berry Company. As part of our philosophy, we have a deep respect for nature’s ways, which is why all of our fruits are farmed locally and responsibly. We only sell the freshest seasonal berries, so you can be sure that anything you buy at Coast Berry Company is freshly picked. We grow Everbearing strawberries, and they are picked from July to October. Our blueberry varieties are Duke, Blue Crop, and Elliot, and we pick them from July to September. The growing season may be longer or shorter depending on weather.

Fruit Market


Blueberries are flowering plants closely related to cranberries, huckleberries and lingonberries. The berries are white or pale greenish at first, then reddish-purple, and finally indigo on ripening. Blueberries are one of the few truly blue foods on earth. Blueberries have the highest antioxidant activity of most fruits. These tasty super foods offer twice as many disease fighting antioxidants as spinach, more than three times as many as oranges, red grapes and cherries and more than four times as many as grapefruit, white grapes, bananas and apples. Blueberries are also thought to be helpful in improving memory function and healthy aging.

Cranberry Jam


There’s nothing that says “Hello Summer” quite like eating a juicy vine-ripened strawberry. Called “inside-out” fruit because the seeds are on the outside, each strawberry has an average of 200 seeds. Strawberries are actually members of the rose family, and grew wild for centuries in the Americas and Europe.

Hanging Herbs

Homemade Jams

We’re proud to offer our customers wholesome, homemade jams. We offer blueberry and strawberry jams, as well as a sugar-free option. You should know that all the berries for our jams are grown responsibly, and picked in season, so you can fully enjoy nature’s gifts.

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